About DriverMod

Canadian car culture is a thriving community. Between ludicrous rally racing, to parking lot stance culture, track days, time attack, drift competition, and even humble weekend auto-crosses, there is no doubt that we have something special. DriverMod was started with a commitment to produce exciting, professional journalism, showcasing everything that makes our community awesome.


Phillip Oliveira - Founder / Lead Writer / Photographer - phill@drivermod.ca - @philljoliveira 

Autocross and track day enthusiast, with an unhealthy obsession with his 2.4l Ecotec-swapped Mazda Miata. 

Andrew Oliveira - Founder / Lead Editor - editor@drivermod.ca

Writer, bookworm and car-less soul. He spends time between his writing entertaining his cat Atticus.

Mike McGugan - Consultant / Web Design / Editor - mike@drivermod.ca - @cirrux 

An extraordinarily fast driver with a knack for web design. Owns an Infiniti G37 and a Mazda Miata.

Milan Svitek - Photographer/Writer - photos@drivermod.ca - @svitekphotos

Skilled photographer and mechanically inclined driver from Europe.

Tyler Leblanc - Producer - podcast@drivermod.ca

I produce stuff. 

Special Thanks

While all of us have managed to build the site to what you see today, there's countless people who helped out behind the scenes. For everyone who lent us their time (and sometimes their cars), who gave us advice and helped spread DriverMod around the interwebs

Dave Biagoni 

Rajan Thiru

Veina Wang

Brandon Woods

Matthew Atienza Gugins

Randy Sparre

Samee Motiwala

Ennio Cellucci

Mike Oliveira

Chris Palmer

Everyone at Track Day, Bro! and #TORONTOCARSPOTTING for helping to spread the word.